Dance India Dance: Battle of Champions!

Dance India Dance Battle of Champions

After the first night club, Dance India Dance: Champions is another episode. Dances from India Diva Indian Dance of Zee TV is the Dance Dance in India back to television screens. and against them. There are also TV shows, Bollywood Diva, Kareena Kapoor Khan. The dance breaks last in the second part. We’ve seen another episode and here we thought.

What’s happening at the event
The episode begins with the entrance of the judges. Bahanas Dance, Raftaar Tamanchey Pe Disko and Kareena Kapoor Khan sang Bosk’s dance. Baby sang. The first is a Royal Squad. They dance to Horn and dance to them. Kareena said, “If it’s a level, everything is a problem.” Then there is a Woman Queen to the south of Ke Thailava. Judge Raftaar and teacher Sneha Kapoor shared a moment (they were two partners Jhalak Dikhhla Share). Kareena dances with the girls. The next team is Loyola’s dream team. They dance in Pulma dance and their exhibitions inspire most judges. “I’m so excited,” thanks Kareena. The second emphasis of the series is Raftar’s rebellion after the Hasan report and the history of his family. Bosco also showed that Hasan was part of his team. Kareena also explained how Karishma was not forced to work in this field because no actor was involved in Kapoor.

What’s hot
Although the first episode is all about Karen, the other is a great deal. We also have the opportunity to see many dancers on the background. The exhibition is very emotional. Kareena, who is not allowed to act as an actor, also shares her anchor because she is not allowed to act. And some examples, like Loyola Dream, had a huge impact.

What not
Although the show is beautiful, it seems confusing. Manufacturers must innovate.

BL Judgment
Dance India: Dance: The Champions League is a good observation this week.

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