Annabelle Comes Home

Annabelle Comes Home

Annabelle comes 3 years after the first part.

Ed and Lorraine, a 1970s monster-driven specialist, take home a paranormal Annabelle doll. They put the toy in a glass box in a small museum that houses their home.

A year later, they hire a young woman named Mary Allen to take care of their daughter Judy.

Judy on her way to school there often sees a strange man following her. Then Mary Allen’s girlfriend Daniela comes to Judy’s house to contact her dead father. After giving Judy a pair of skating shoes as a birthday present, she enters the museum, which is packed with paranormal items.

She touches all the items there and at one point opens the glass box with the ‘Annabelle’ doll. After that there are various paranormal events. Did the trio escape? What happened to the Annabelle doll? The rest of the movie Annabelle comes home.

This is the 7th film in the series ‘The Conjuring’ horror film released in 2013.¬†This is the third picture taken with the ‘Annabelle’ toy.

It is the typical Hollywood ghostly image of a house fraught with paranormal friends. However, many ghostly scenes from previous films have been greatly reduced in the film.

For example, there is no panic in front of the camera with a terrible make-up on the face, and a panic behind a character while standing in the dark. The whole story is set up like a thriller.

The biggest downside of the film, though, is that the first hour is flat with no turning. Kottawa comes in many places. Some of the scenes that sit upright in the second half are what hangs the film. Many of the comedy subtitles add strength to the film, which was not in previous films.

‘The Conjuring’ would have been talked about as much as ‘Annabelle comes Home’ if the focus was on the script and making the first half more interesting.

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