Testing & Development of 5G Networks PTA


The rapid development of mobile data communications and consumer demand for better mobile broadband increased the focus on the fifth generation of mobile technology (“5G”). It is considered to be a complete wireless solution capable of meeting IMT-2020 requirements and beyond. This technology should work in a very diverse environment and offer a wide range of connections everywhere. device. , new applications, and usage instructions.

IMT-2020 is wider than previous generations of mobile broadband systems. Usage includes the improvement of traditional mobile broadband situations, as well as highly reliable, low latency messages, and other application details. ITU’s work to develop IMT-2020 specifications in close cooperation with all 5G stakeholders is now over. management of spectrum and spectrum identification aspects. IMT-2020 is the basis for all actions related to the implementation of the SDS.

This framework allows non-commercial and non-commercial use of radio frequencies to test modern radio frequencies, equipment and equipment and academic goals, including, but not limited to, research. scientific, radio and display of new systems. In this context, the Pakistan Directive Directive invites all stakeholders to participate in and participate in the review.
A document containing the conditions to be met by an entity / organization wishing to conduct tests to demonstrate the provision of systems and / or services in Pakistan under the IMT 2020 to demonstrate the availability of new technologies in standalone mode (SA) and / or independent environment (NSA) ), including, but not limited to, improved mobile broadband (eMBB), uRLLC (ultra low latency and low latency communication) usage, and MMTC (massive machine type), cutting, organizing and managing strategies, application and usage cases development and improved spectral efficiency and a better user experience.

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