Xiaomi is launching a new product

China’s technology giant Xiaomi will soon launch a new product in India. According to the Amazon entertainment page, which should take place on Prime Day sales, Xiaomi’s newest product is a wireless headphone. Amazon Prime Day sales start on July 15 and last 48 hours.
As on the Amazon page, Xiaomi is designed for Bluetooth wireless headphone for a base traveler, offering faster connectivity and better choice. In addition, it is said that it has a “long battery” and “ideal for games, training, music or movies.”
This is not the first sign that Xiaomi launches a wireless audio recorder. As part of the fifth anniversary of India, the company offers five surprises. It’s a banner on its website that says “change the way you listen to music”. Now, the advertising of Amazon Prime Day refuses the launch of Xiaom wireless headphones.
As a comment, Xiaomi plans to launch Redmi K20 Pro. This has been developed as a powerful competitor to the OnePlus 7 smartphone series. In the last few weeks, Xiaomi has launched the Redie K20 Pro launch, but the official date has not yet been announced.
Us, the company quoted the results of AnTuTuTu Index and stated that Redmi K20 Pro was the fastest smartphone in the world.
With the news of other specific products, Xiaomi dedicates itself to many non-technological products. The last is a razor launched earlier this month. In fact, the company has just asserted that its Mi.com e-commerce forum is currently the third largest in the country after Flipkart and Amazon. There are luggage, shoes, glasses, backbacks for Xiaomi. Currently, Bluetooth headphones seem to be the newest addition to Xiaomi’s products.

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